Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sick converse skullified

this weekend i discovered ali baba's cave for boys.the converse store!
truly..i wandered in and had a retail experience like no other in my adult life. this place is marvelous. you pick out a pair of sneakers and can bedazzle them in any way you like. the shop has not only laces of every color, studs, rivets ,and a diy crafting center..but if you go upstairs..
patrons use i pads to choose any graphic they like..(including any jpeg of your own) and the friendly staff will apply the images to either or both sides of your shoes using an enormous brother printer.
i knew that my son would instantly be smitten.
and if that was not enough they also had fashion-y converse shoes designed with john varvatos..sahweet. here is a massachusetts company..over 100 years old..that has really done a fab job reimagining the brand for the 21st century.

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