Monday, March 5, 2012

hallway paint chosen {benjamin moore iceberg}

we finally decided on a paint color for the hallway, after way too much wringing of hands.
..and the color is..iceberg!
even though i spent many hours determined to use a wonderful watery turquoise-ish tiffany blue. (blue seafoam BM)
in the end, i felt it would not bring joy to our dark hallway, but rather it would have the opposite effect, and be cloying and nasty minus the ocean breezes that should accompany a paint of this quality.
i also spent a bit of time flirting with a hot pink..(razzle dazzle BM)
sunny glazed yellow (showtime by BM)
and calming urban greys..but ultimately i am hoping that iceberg will capture all that i am looking for in a paint for our dark and un windowed space..bright, happy, sophisticated, think?

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