Friday, March 30, 2012

beach kurtas

taking walks on the beach for the last few days, i have learned a couple of tricks.
sunblock is on everyone's "yuck" i try not to use too much because who knows what they put in the stuff?
next i wear a hat..and sunglasses..otherwise i can't see a thing..and i know most of my face is shaded.
next i put on a kurta. i have 2 from See Designs Donna Gorman..who offers a very lightweight super soft cotton that breathes in a cheerful marimekko-ish print.
but in a way, i think you cannot have too many of these tops..because they look great in a number of other places other than the beach.
and there are some other great designers who make them..namely rikshaw, and roberta roller rabbit!
do you have some that you want to share?

1 comment:

  1. I am a kurta addict, wearing one right now while we are at the beach for spring break. My favorites are authentic ones made in India from ebay, amazing selection and very inexpensive and ABC Home in NYC. Saw several I loved today at a boutique in Rosemary Beach, FL by Roberta Freymann but at a $100 a pop, hard to justify when my other ones are $35 or less!