Friday, June 25, 2010

Je t'aime Ice Cream

to me, summer means ice cream..even though my kids would say, "anytime is ice cream for you mom!" so let's just say, summer is ice cream cones licked into oblivion in front of the charming home made ice cream shoppe!
while in Toronto, we visited with foodie Voula Halliday who lives in a groovy neighborhood around Queens St East. we took a fun stroll to check out the vibe, even passed by Law's old apartment situated over a hipster restaurant.
our last stop was Ed's Real Scoop, a petite ice creamery with super dreamery ice cream. ed's makes 100 flavors including mine which was a superb blend of chocolate and peanut butter. yummy!
they also make gelato and flavors for those with extensive allergies..tres sensitive. i will look forward to our next visit. hasta luego ed.

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