Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toronto's Centre Island

we are on holiday in Law's hometown of Toronto, and yesterday we had the unique pleasure of visiting centre island which is @ a 20 minute ferry ride from downtown. according to some locals i spoke with, the island homes (only 60??) were given to some hippy artist squatter types over 40 years ago, and now they are hanging on, while each pretty day of spring and summer the locals get piles of ferry boat riding touristas who come over for a day of romping through their scenic beachfront island. it's a little rundown, and over the hill there..but the charm overflows!
after our little ferry ride (scenic and spectacular) we headed through a park and over to a marina for a light lunch overlooking the city. we then went straight to a bike rental where we scored one of these hilarious 4 person sleek swagger wagons. even with all 4 of us pedaling..we only craaawwled along.
naturally, mr. man took us "off-road" for some wilder times, and we found ourselves in a residential neighborhood at the far end of the the way, the island has barely a car, and the above path is IT for a roadway. so if you need groceries, or anything else hon, you are using a cart.
the kids said NO to a canoe ride..but i mean come on with the C-H-A-R-M!
after scarfing up some ice cream treats at a precious island cafe, we were ready to head home, but not before we had to pick up 3 lost jamaicans, and give them a lift (so now we were 7 aboard) back to the center of centre island..hilarious. hasta luego centre island!

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  1. Funny and cool.
    Defiantly a family activity.