Thursday, June 24, 2010

Xenia Taler

Last week, the family had the pleasure of meeting my dear friend Xenia Taler with whom i worked in el salvador in december. Xenia and her hilarious husband Steve live with their little girl pearl in a funky italian neighborhood in Toronto. we first visited the studio, and got to see how another husband and wife team of ceramists get it all done. several of their systems made me swoon. but as always, xenia was completely self effacing and modest.
one of my favorite things about their home was seeing all their beautiful work mixed with that of other artists.
the white head here is by xenia's friend julie moon whose work is haunting and amazing.
pearl's room with more mobiles and some great xenia tiles. pearl is according to mom, a great designer too. uh-oh.
some of xenia's B&W tile.
another julie moon..this is a wrestling mask self portrait.
xenia's fantastic little notebooks that arre sold by Barnes and Nobles.
pretty xenia tiles. the glazes were formulated by steven and are as gorgeous in person.

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  1. i bought her cards at b&n and have loved every one i've sent to my friends. it's like sending something really cool in the mail... wishing however, i had kept one of each for my own purposes!