Friday, June 4, 2010


i spent time this week looking at the David Hicks: Designer book, , and learned (once again i am the last to get this!) that his iconic print is 4 "H"'s coming together to form an ingenious geometric. as a big fan of geometrics, and a giant naysayer of the ubiquitous logomania that envelopes the world of fashion and design..i am a latecomer to the idea of putting a big fat "J" all over my work..but i am seriously considering making the move. hmm. i do hate myself for loving those darn goyard bags.
color me quizzical, but i am starting to think this is the next big thing for us over at JR designworld headquarters. stay tuned for updates.
i mean..what's not to like about this antique steamer trunk?
over the top..but hey, i'll take two!

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