Monday, January 10, 2011

chuck taylors {for you by you}

christmas morning my neices busted open boxes of brand new personalized converse sneakers that they had "designed" themselves online! i mean..have you ever? last night, thea, after announcing that she "needed" these pants/shoes, took us to the converse website where you can "design" your own sneakers.
they give you a zillion blank canvases to choose from because sneaker people are very passionate and picky!
then you move on to the really fun part where you have a bout 14 different choices to what color/pattern canvas you might like your tongue/body to be, the stitching color,the rubber,..even your lace! i was very blown away, and my kids had a blast picking, choosing, rejecting, and choosing make a truly original final result. the piece de resistance is that you can have your name printed by the achilles heel..way cool dude!
unfortunately for me, i prefer the white old fashioned original style jack purcells which as anyone can see are way more chic!

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