Tuesday, January 18, 2011

golden globes wrap up!

ok..so i don't mind admitting that i just love awards season..for the whole pomp and circumstance, and ritual worshipping of hollywood glitteratti..but most of all..yes..i am shallow! for the fashion. but..once again i admit that though i don't understand fashion, i don't mind havinga big opinion about it all. so to begin here's anne looking odd if you ask me, with leg'o mutton sleeves..those again? no i don't get it and i do not think it is very flattering..but i do love her!
here's leighton (help! who is she?) wearing more leg'o mutton (obviously a new! trend) in a fabric that looks vaguely like cheap ultra suede..like the stuff they sell at jennifer convertibles..i'm thinking renaissance fair..
ok..scarlett..sparkly with bell sleeves..i'm thinking petticoat junction..sorry!
my glamorous and beautiful cousin kyra sitting pretty in tangerine.
i thought that this oscar de la renta was amazing on piper..balanced and elegant.
here's christina in a very western bordello look..super mae west-ish..perhaps this is her goal..hmm
this is emma stone (no idea) looking chic..in a simple peach thing by calvin..peach and no jewelry really..2 trends..i thought she looked interesting and clean.
this is very cool on jennifer lawrence..a louis vuitton frock in black with lots of texture..but i am thinking she might look good working the same saloon with all the other gals..perhaps western bordello style is in!
here is amy adams (love her) looking plain silly if you ask me! too much big business going on.
and halle..sorry she is too too gorgeous for this world..looking cheesy in this mullett style gown.
and finally angelina..in green leg'o mutton..send her to the renaissance fair with leighton..woopsy..more tomorrow!


  1. you are ssooooo awesome and make me laugh out loud.

  2. oh...and one more thing. i found out that emma stone was "jules" in super bad (loved)! and i just saw her in "easy a" very fun and it's the blond wig that's throwing me!

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