Friday, January 14, 2011

new shoes!

i am sure, as you can imagine, that if i were to go in for the classic "little black dress" then it wouldn't be long until i would own a" little black pump "to go along with it! so..dear friends, that's exactly what i did this afternoon. i marched over to my "go to" shoe store Cuoio on newbury street, where my old friend Pat is happy to help me with any odd demand i might have. normally, i would assume that my new dresses would ultimately be paired with one of my many pairs of boots (from cuoio)..but style mistress mimi is demanding, "heels, heels, heels!" i suppose it is finally time to look like a lady! so here it is..the final choice.. a luscious pair of patent pumps by anyi lu..very cute..right?

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