Friday, January 7, 2011

cupcake hell

i am not positive how it started..but i am pretty sure we have carrie and the sex and the city girls to blame for the continuing craze of the dreaded cupcake! oh these babies are everywhere. i will swear that i have at least 5 cupcake shops in my neighborhood, and not a bakery in sight. jeez! can a girl buy a decent loaf of bread?
don't get me started! je cannot stand them! too dry! too much icing! and hey! what was wrong with cake in the first place! cake i like! cake is a commitment i can stick to!
oh i get it. they're small, they're pretty, and for a control freak..perfection. "this is MY cupcake! all mine! all my way! get away from MY cupcake"..oh.. i get it.
but stop. cupcakes are too cute pour moi. too popular. my darling friend chris made wonderful red velvet ones with thea for new years and i crushed him when i went on and on whining about the stupid cupcakes. too dry. too much icing. (too much red dye)
oh..let me eat cake!

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