Friday, September 23, 2011

emmy shmemmy

as usual i am so late on my emmy fashion wrap up it might be a "who really cares" moment..but things looked so bad to my prying eyes this year, i figured i couldn't pass up a fine opportunity to give my hearty goes
oh heidi..por favor! that dress is scary, and considering you are the prettiest girl in the whole entire world, i feel fine asking..what on earth were you thinking? ugh. auf vederzain
this on one of the funniest gals evah..kristen..j'adore you ..but this plunging number makes you look droopy woopy, and way too gloria swanson..oh my. sorry.

next up clare danes in a sonia delaunay for the body? yeesh. the pattern is so distracting and just plain ugly. no.

amy..hello. what were you thinking. this thing looks like a wetsuit. and it makes you look thick and extra short. and i know from short.

lea i am convinced wants to look 50. or she is channeling joan collins..Again!

kate winslet looks pretty good. i love the red..and her bod is killer. fine. B+

this is sofia vergara from the show modern family, and you can't really say anything bad..she is a knockout in the red..right..but i might like to get rid of the crepey wrapping paper.

julian margulies is on a g-d roll..right? she looks.."younger than springtime" . she wins. A.

maybe i will add more next week.

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