Monday, September 26, 2011

emmy shmemmy part deux

it has been pointed out to me that i am particularly harsh when it comes to my fashion wrap ups, but i figure..these gals have soooo much help figuring out what to wear, with the best of everything to choose from and an army of stylists and pr people and who knows how many minions whose sole job it is to make these girls shine..i figure it is fair game to make a constructive comment here. so there. and therefore.. without further adoo..on with the results. first up whoa!! from the babe from mad men..christina va va va voom hendricks. all i can say is huh? don't get it. was she trying to look naked?
another glee 20something dianna agron trying to look middle the scary shiny satin that makes everyone look huge and frumpy. woopsy.

katie was going for fun n' cas with this sporty look, and the "o i just threw my hair up on top of my head after working out" up do. she has good arms, but i'm not buying tom.

oh are so lovely, but seriously..the gold thing? it's just sad looking.

and then came gwynnie. oh i see. you are thin. congratulations. the pucci lace is magnificent..but as my daddy told me in 7th grade.."no midriffs!"

olivia munn i do not know thee, but it looks like you slept in that thing.

and here is a gal who wants to look like a doll baby.

and zooey (who i love-dore) looking like a country western star in pepto bismal pink

and the winner is..nina dobrev(who?) in this amazing red architecture. it is a bit much..but she is smokin' in it. right?

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