Wednesday, September 21, 2011

kate hines {design star}

last night our boston design salon (a local group i founded that gathers monthly to hear from luminaries in design) got together in cambridge to listen to jewelry designer kate hines share her story of a career in design. to say the least she was amazing, but she mentioned that on her website there is atimeline section that goes way back to the 80's.

naturally i hit it first thing this am..and lookee lookee, there are amazing images from an earlier time.

they really bring you back..right?

best of all these images made me feel less embarassed than i have in a long time about the 80's..and it's style..i mean these pix are so cool!

usually, i cringe when i think about the "get-ups" i wore in those days..but looking at these images i imagine that perhaps it might have been as fabulous as we thought it was then.


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