Tuesday, September 27, 2011

color crush on {persimmon + aqua}

in the spring studio mate erin blogged about her current obsession with red/coral/persimmon jeans which made me think about how delish this color was...maybe i needed a pair of those jeans..

and then came the emmys with piles of amazing red dresses looking so on the money, particularly right now.

next was my sighting of elle decor's october issue with the persimmon trend alert and photos of this seasons many home accents now available in this hot color.

my thought is that when shown with a turquoise/aqua accent this color really vibrates and comes into it's full power. (nota bene the aqua shoe detail on the model above)

we have been showing the chevron with this deep ocean blue we call Loch for quite a while..and we feel it has a very french/sailor vibe..non?
but shown as it is here in the new chevron monogram tray..i believe the color really packs a wallop..hello!

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