Friday, October 21, 2011

funny story friday

so the other day my kids and i headed to the men's j crew store (love) in copley to buy some cute new shirts for dad's bday.
(ok this was a while back) but it was at the height of bruins mania during the lead up to the historic stanley cup win for our local boys, and..
all the sales guys had huge beards at the shop. so dopey me asks.."hey are you guys all growing your beards as a y'know..bruins good luck charm?" (fyi. local fans (women too?) will grow their beards all during the playoff season in solidarity with the team who also put the kibosh on shaving for good luck)
wouldn't you know..they had nooooo idea what i was talking about. the beards were simply their fashion statement..(de riguer at je crew). i believe they might not have even realized that the bruins were in the finals..or what the stanley cup might in fact be, and what beards really have to do with it in the first place.
you just gotta love that jill r knows more about local SPORTS than the dudes over at j crew!

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