Friday, October 7, 2011

old fashioned house party

last weekend in celebration of my dear friend chris' bday, we were treated to a wonderful weekend trip to islesboro in maine.
the hostess mallory marshall is a famed interior designer whose amazing style was storied in many shelter mags over the years..but i had never seen her house in dark harbor which in my mind has always been infamous due to it's association with the great sister parish.
let's just say mallory's house was way beyond fabulous(sorry sister). i wish i had more pix to share..because mallory has such classic effortless style..the kind that makes hanging out in a house with friends a total pleasure. and we all had a ball!
ms. marshall is a great proponent of the "little note" (in fact she has even written a book on the subject!) so i understand if i do write to her soon..i just may be able to go's hoping!

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