Wednesday, October 19, 2011

obsessed with {loafers}

all the cute girls at our studio go "clickety, clickety click" in their heels.
to be honest with you i am simply jealous. they look cute. and tall. ahh who have always eluded me..and my willowy real self!
oh but i do digress. pardon me. my mom always called heels,"limousine shoes" meaning of course that one wore these shoes from the limo to the table where one would sit down and have a cobb salad and a chablis at le cirque.
me..i like walking. and so i am obsessed with colorful tod's. oh how cute are you?
you will be mine.


  1. I love my Tod's loafers! I also have a couple pairs from Saks 5th Ave. that I love too! Love the pairs you mentioned above!!!

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  2. Love me some driving mocs/loafers ... whatever they are!