Saturday, October 15, 2011

oy vey anthro-polo-jay

my girlfriend the artist judith bigham gleefully used to say {ironically} "why go to an art museum? the best art is seen while shopping!"
i dropped by the new anthro store relocated to newbury street here in boston, and as usual was wowed by the amazing window displays..(promise to take some pix later on this week)
i mean they really know how to rock the most mundane of materials, and merchandise the crap out of their spaces!
hats off to you anthropologie!

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  1. so funny to see the anthro post on your blog today... i just took a "field trip" to anthro yesterday and snapped a ton of (bad) photos of their museum-like art! can you believe what they can do with an old book?

    i'm your newest follower--and maybe your newest stalker since i just sent you a msg at etsy, too!!