Tuesday, May 8, 2012

pierre i don't care!

this morning i was saddened to learn that maurice sendak died. what an enormous loss to all of us. he has been an inspiration and favorite of everyone in my generation..in fact i believe i was given "Where the Wild Things Are" for my birthday..by a friend who knows me well.
"Chicken Soup With Rice", "One Was Johnny", A Alligators All Around", but most importantly "Pierre" were THE songs (as done by the great carole king) of my childhood home. In fact "Really Rosie" was in regular rotation..man were we cool! to this day i can sing Pierre verse for verse. Pre--tty impressive ..non? The story really is so good and true and wonderful. that maurice really got to the heart of things so simply, and with so much humor.
i loved learning more recently that the monsters in where the wild things are, were inspired by..none other than mr sendak's middle aged jewish relatives..who were always fussing over him in his sick bed.
oh i can just picture it! here's to you maurice sendak. i love you.

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  1. is that last picture really of his relatives? If so do you know what year? I'm curious