Monday, May 7, 2012

Mast Brothers Chocolate

here in our neighborhood of fort point channel many new things are happening. construction trucks are banging constantly, there are workmen everywhere, hotels are sprouting, and it feels like a bit o' mayhem. but with that comes new places to get coffee! so today i discovered barrington coffee at 346 congress street, and while i was waiting for my coffee i noticed these babies..
so beautiful, so thoughtfully packaged in handprinted paper. "crafty" i no one in particular. mast brothers it said on the label in a wes andersonesque font no less..with a sweet "M" that makes you think about 2 stick figures holding hands! come on!..i had to get some, and learn about the magical chocolate (one of my obsessions). turns out it is made by these guys..wait.. seriously? studip gorgeosity obsessivo. preciosativo.
of course they have a factory in brooklyn (check)..and have a religious fervor about starting a new adventure, and creating something in an old/new the video and get into it. they really strike a chord. have you tried it? oh and by the value of the deal..ten dollars..and 28 cents (check).

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