Monday, May 21, 2012

Thank Yous

for quite some time now, lizzie (our designer) and i have been discussing what we would like to include on/in the boxes we send out from the studio. we know that when our clients receive something from us they are certainly excited to open their box..but we also know that they deserve to be thanked, and treated to some fun collateral inside that will give them a bit of background on us and how we do things around here.
soo..these are the prototypes that she worked on last week, and along with a couple of wonderful stickers for the outside of the box, i believe we really have got something special here. hooray for lizzie vaughan!
.. thoughts?


  1. I love the graphics on the bottom and the use of different colors for each one. For the top one I wish you would switch you and the type because I don't like that you are looking away. I would rather have you looking at the info.

    1. hi kayce thanks for the feedback..i love the look of her design..and would agree about the looking away..but i believe this top one is a 2 sided card..and the one on the bottom is a one sider!
      ps..any info on your paint color? dying here!

  2. The spelling should be dinnerWARE

  3. You are living the dream = You're living the dream