Wednesday, May 23, 2012

new fave {charcoal and coral}

this weekend during the trunk show, one of maura's fabby friends wandered in wearing a great shift in a dark charcoalish taupe-y undescribable color..but the kicker was that she was carrying a gorge-y coral-y rouge-ish bag..and it just..well..popped off the the best way.
and seeing as i have had grey on the brain for quite awhile now.
i am dying to get to the drawing table and start figuring out the colors we will use for fall2012!
don't you think this is a winning combo?
when i have it all fidgered..i promise to share..but until then these images will have to do.


  1. Interesting color combo..... love the warmth and cheerfulness of the coral. Could make for a pretty spectacular room.

  2. this is a winner. Love coral going in the direction of a bright poppy the best!

  3. Challenge accepted! I totally want to design a new room in this!