Friday, November 9, 2012


tonight we headed out to our new corner Dr Marten shoe store!
we got these for my daughter!  so adorbs.
i remember my old pair..there was nothing that didn't go with my fact
i loved pairing them with a floral baby doll dress, and gobs of silver jewelry.  i thought i was such a rocker. even though i wasn't.
it looks like the celebs have discovered them again..and it's sort of refreshing to see the ladies sporting something other than instruments of torture on their feet.

after years of seeing everymiddle schooler in the de rigeur Uggs (that are insane to wear in the Northeast...oh do not get me started!)..i am happy to have my daughter in a boot that will actually wear well...cause these suckers do NOT die.

lookee modeles are loving too!

Y Miley tambien!

si jessica alba (nunca takes them off! cause the go with everything!!))

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