Tuesday, November 13, 2012


this past weekend my daughter and i took a all girls roadtrip with a couple of friends to the shoreline of connecticut.
i knew that my old friend erica of connecticut's e list would play a role in steering us in the right direction, but i had NO idea how famous she is in these parts, nor how great her suggestions would be!
i was also unaware that this neck of the woods was the longtime home to Ms. Katherine Hepburn who lived in a very exclusive enclave known as Fenwick...one definitely gets the feeling when walking around the 'hood that unless your ({blonde}yankee) family has been coming here for generations..you are not quite welcome.

but o..lord is it ever beautiful!  we stayed at the Saybrook Point Inn, where we had a lovely suite, that was quite comfy and not crazy expensive..(it was erica approved).

 shortly following our arrival, we got on our evening duds, and headed to the L&E restaurant in Chester  where we were treated to some delicious classic french cuisine..(and they made a fuss when we mentioned !erica!)
after dinner we walked up the street to the Norma Terris Theatre where they are currently showing a production of my dear friend marcy heisler's "great american mousical" directed by none other than the julie andrews!
in the morning, my friend Paris and I ventured over the causeway into fenwick and explored the beach that boasts 2 lighthouses and a dramatic, seemingly untouched landscape.  loved!

when we got back from the walk we checked out and drove northward up the coast to the wonderful town of mystic..where we discovered my pottery tucked into a wonderful shop called webster road that we just happened upon..

after doing a bit of browsing we strolled up the street to a divine farm/sea to table restaurant (erica approved) called the oyster club that is owned and operated by the delightful dan meiser.

needless to say, we were treated to a cozy and terrific repast.

we had so much fun..we can't wait to go back!

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