Monday, November 26, 2012

ski/apres ski

ugh.  i have got to get a new winter jacket!!  the temps are diving rapidly and the ol' northface from 4 seasons ago is a bit on the ratty side.  i decided back then after being a diehard shearling fan..that what one needs here in merry new england is a lightweight/washable down coat.  so the shopping started here at LL Bean.  i like the color/price of $179..but are there other options?? she asked hopefully.
it turns out that (natch) there are..and the prices rise steeply and quickly..this is from bogner with a raccoon trimmed hood $649...not bad.

now this is where the petal hits the metal.  moncler lacquer @800 smacks. i like this one fo sho.

fur trims..are these necessary?  these say apres more than ski.

woah! a lot of info..too much message..and over $1000

i am very drawn to the white..

this is from kjus..whaaa?  but it is $350..more reasonable def.

white..sporty..meant for the slopes..and $500. (from bogner) what is a girl to do??

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  1. Lady Miss Jill: please check out Heat Tech's down coat for ladies designed by Theory. At only $129.00 it is inexpensive, plain and stylish. I like the grey for you.

    Save money and spend it on lift tickets and hot chocolate for your friends!!!!