Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Talbots {who knew?}

hello talbots! have you been there lately? oh you should go! the place has had a major chicness face lift..either i turned into granny over night..or this little shop is giving us a whole new thing to check out.

i had yet to darken their door in this lifetime (though i do admit to being a big longtime fan of their fab little summer loafers)until yesterday. and because i had heard good things i thought i would poke my head in..and what a shock lay in store!
there were many items that i coveted instantly..and that is saying a lot. i need the little chanel-y jacket. and now that i have had such a terrific talbots dose..i am smitten by the julianne moore ad campaign..i mean how gorge are the colors in her photos?

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