Friday, March 25, 2011

el triunfo & cyrille conan

the other night the kids and i stopped by one of our favorite burrito joints in the south end..el triunfo. they make them quick and yummy...and they are easy on the wallet too.
the kids thought it would be fun if we went to their newly opened expanded dining area..and so we did!

i got increasingly distracted by the very cool paintings that adorned the walls of the space..they were made by a local artist cyrille conan.

they are a wonderful pastiche of various elements..iconic sketches, abstract color field, and graphic graffiti text.

the one in the restaurant is my favorite..but alas it is not for is the property of the owner. i spoke to cyrille the next day..and he gave me the address of his when is certainly worth a look see..

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  1. Hey Jill! How's it going? So cool to find your blog. I was actually googling Cyrille to find his website, since we've been working together doing art installs and talking about art all the time. His work is super fun!

    If you are going to Somerville Open Studios this weekend, come by & see me! I'm at 5 Lowell Circle #3, which is #52 on the event map. Say hi to Lo & Ichiko for me!