Thursday, March 31, 2011

designer crush on {simon doonan}

what with this guy? i adora-bile and talented is simon doonan? for a million years he has been the genius behind the amazing windows and creative direction of barneys new york. hello? and can he write? yes! he is funny on paper..and that's no mean trick either.

long before my work graced the shelves of the barneys chelsea shop (having been annointed by her majesty mrs. pressman) i was a big fan of sir doonan..

this guy turned a forgotten art (that of window dressing) into one of new york's great treasures. and to this day, when i stroll by the tragic macys windows of downtown boston..i just shake my head and simon does..why wouldn't everyone want to be a window dresser?

i was lucky enough to meet simon many years ago at a cocktail party given by my friend jonathan adler at their lair downtown. it was really fun to be there with all the gift show glitterati (hah!) but most of all i was touched by simon doonan.

at the time he was the uber fmous powerhouse in the room ..but as it was jonnie's night..simon played hostess, taking care of everyone's drink needs..hanging up coats..and politely staying in the background, letting his beloved hold center stage..i thought, now this is one charming fellow..and i have been a devoted fan ever since!! check him out here in this fun video and tell me..could the guy get any cuter? DE-LISH!

ps. the guy's signature look is a liberty print cacharel style button down..cuteness! right?

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