Friday, March 18, 2011

paradise {lost and found}

the family and i arrived in this mexican paradise on wednesday and we are having a heavenly time. the sun, the sea, the air, the relax..i am sure you get the picture. we are having a major cool down to say the least. we are staying at one of those all inclusive hotels..which i will admit has it's perks..but there are some unfortunate aspects to it as well..and it has me thinking back to one of my favorite books, dr. seuss' the which only the star bellied sneetches got to enjoy the good times with others of their kind at their weenie roasts on the beaches

here at the resort there are several "levels" of cool..if you have the leather bracelet you get to sit in a special roped off area on the beach..and a special room in the cafeteria..where you can enjoy the company of only those of your "class"..unfortunately i find their roped off world to be entirely undesirable, claustrophobic, and yucky..hey they're still in a cafeteria yo!!

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