Tuesday, March 1, 2011

oscars part deux

well..here goes round two.

for this gals money i give the night to gwynnie. for some reason she always makes me jealous..we both grew up in nyc..and she just reminds me of all those meanie girls..but that's for another post. for today i will simply say that though she sort of bombed as a singer that night..sorry..she looked perfect in this shimmery silver column. from calvin. of course. jealous!
camilla alves(who is..i have no clue..) standing next to a grubby overly tanned and drunk seeming mcconaughey looked like 2 million dollahs..je loved the kaufman franco black dress on her..i say get a new date.

what can you say..penelope cruz and javier are a smashing couple..but i thought that her l'wren scott gown looked a lot like the 4 of july firworks exploding all over the front of her.

florence welch (had to look her up..the one who sings that great song "dog days"..talent here people!)was also wearing valentino..but this was so frilly in a bad way..and too grandma.

everyone knows that melissa leo was working it way too hard for this night..and really who can blame her? it's her big moment in hollywood..and it might just be her last..she wanted to make the most of it, but i say she lost the fashion war with this bizarre decoupagey dress that was too stiff and awkward on her.

my dad who adores the movies and every year says he has the oscar winners "all sewn up!" had annette as his pick for this years best actress winner. i agree that she is super fab, and i thought she looked wonderful in this sparkly boned naeem khan dress...and doesn't she already have an oscar?

once again, sadly, nicole kidman in christian dior picked a fashion don't for this years oscars, and all i can say is why o why o does she insist on looking so so uptight and odd? bring me back nicloe of moulin rouge..so gorge.

finally halle berry rocked the red carpet once more in marchesa..she looked perfectly stunning..but c'mon..she is even perfect in high def!

and finally, there is hilary swank who strutted herself in a gucci ombre feathered number that was tres magnifique.

it has been suggested that i post about my faves from oscars past..because trust me i do have a top ten..and i might just do it!

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