Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4 weeks of dinner {recipes+shopping lists = genius}

how often do you think to yourself..oy! time to make dinner? what..again? aren't you just so sick of making dinner? ok so you're a saint! you looove making dinner for your family..but not me! no way Giuseppe!

so..back in september i noticed that real simple magazine had printed a 4 week dinner menu plan with recipes..photos..and shopping lists! oh i love you so much i think i wanna marry you!

so ok it took me until now ( 5 months..not bad)to start it..but it is so great. i take the list to the market..and i don't have to think, or be creative! yay! and then i come home on monday with everything i will need for 5 nights of dinners. and not only are the different than anything i would have ever dreamed up on my own..my family loves me for giving them something yummy and NEW! the big thing is that i have given you a link to the recipes, photos etc on the real simple website..but if you can get a reprint from the mag i highly recommend it..as it is so much prettier!

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