Tuesday, April 26, 2011

decorating agony:{somebody help me!}

lately i have been all hot and bothered about dealing with the sadness that is my apartment decor..again. this is a perennial problem..and again it has reared it's ugly head! so now, i am worrying about our hallway..and i don't think it's that healthy to worry over one's hallway this much..but what can i say..i obsess.a year or so ago i decided that the milk colored paint had to go..and i would die if i didn't get an hermes orange glossy hallway! after dosing the walls with many hideous shades of orange..my loving spouse took it upon himself to just throw some dark blue paint up there..a kind friend said it was very yves saint laurent..but my guru chris declared it heinous! heinous?! oh no! now my instinct..as the space has almost no natural light is to go with this (above) sort of look from sixx design (nota bene..we already have all the family photos up) just add white paint and stir..but then that would be too easy..right?
i also thought about pale blue/aqua which is pretty..but is it babyish?
chris says it's time to put some great graphic wallpaper up..put a mirror right as you walk in..and surround the mirror with the photos.
i love his idea..and to wit..i just got a mirror on spec to try but i am tempted by other options..love me some stripes..but this is very 80's right?
and this orla stair is super cute..but too cute for a city apartment.

and here is a david hicks paper in a hall..but i worry it might make me feel sick. chris is also suggesting a fun mettalic grass cloth and a graphic runner..maybe one of mine? somebody help me!


  1. I saw a super high gloss ceiling in Monet's Giverny house- was so shiny it was like a mirror (the walls were less glossy). I loved how the reflection in the ceiling seemed to extend the walls and made them appear to be taller. Ceiling also reflected the light in the room. I like the idea of making a hallway a "gem" - rich in color and a bit shiny. maybe do rich orange on walls and a shiny shiny super pale blue on ceiling? or even a metallic silver on the ceiling?

  2. anita thanks for the fun fun ideas..still feeling lost but enjoying obsessions.