Thursday, April 14, 2011

the work of Lawrence McRae :brilliant designer {my husband}

it turns out i am married to a great designer..who is also very cute..and who quit smoking today! whaaaaat?

he designs and makes perfectly magnigicent pieces here in the studio with his own two hands.

people wonder how he makes his pieces look so perfect. easy. the guy is a virgo. nuff said.

all of lawrence's work starts out as a either a cast or handthrown clay piece.

after the pieces come out of the molds, or have been removed from the potter's wheel..they sp[end a bit of time resting..

after which they are individually carved with these magical patterns.

these things take years to finish..not really..but you know what i mean..we never see the guy. he is always carving. ahhhh what we do for our art!


  1. ha ha, Carve Father has got it! Love his designs...
    congrats on quitting smoking.

  2. Love your work. Saw a lamp in a shop. Saved up enough $ to buy it, but alas, it was gone. Besides Etsy, is there another place I may contact you to purchase a lamp? The lamp I saw was blue. I'm now blue. Help!