Tuesday, April 12, 2011

having fun with blogs

today i had the funnest thing happen thanks to the blogosphere. my website is coming along swimmingly..though it is not quite all there yet..it def has possibilities. one of the cooler things about managing it is that when i sign in i get to see how much traffic has come my way and why..you know..who sent them over. this am i had the pleasure of learning about the very adorable marita of Kipling House who wrote one of THE most lovely stories of finding our work through friends. let us just say through much flattery i was mega-charmed. and then after a couple of emails..we had a long long blab via the telephone! that old faithful of 20th century technologies..and we had a very fun chat..helllooo marita.

and during our chat..marita introduced me to jenny of my favorite and my best who bravely drops the f bomb with with glorious abandon not to mention all the other fab and furious honest lingo she lets fly without holding back..wow the internetto! i love you. enjoy this story about jenny working on her bod using some new dvd's..i am tempted to give it a whirl having started a rigorous workout program (not that rigorous jill )of my own for the last few months..her butt looks cute..but then again i never saw the before shots!

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