Friday, April 15, 2011

R Rated

this afternoon my daughter and her friend eshani ( who are both 12)wanted to hang out in our "city" neighborhoodof boston's back bay, by themselves!

i told them that when i was 12 i used to hang out "downtown" with my friends in nyc, and go to bloomies..which at the time was the BOMB!!

i also remembered that when i was 12, i went to see the movie Shampoo starring warren beatty and julie christie and goldie hawn..(who is that mom?..uhhhhm kate hudson's mom!! hahahaaha!!) but the part that made it beyond excitement was that it was R Rated, and we thought we were so smart getting IN to the show by telling the ticket seller that "my mom" is meeting us here. i mean..come on! so cool! all i remember about the movie was how gorgeous warren was in those days..and that this was a super RACY movie..which meant YES for us!

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