Friday, July 1, 2011

the coveteur=genius

what could be more fun than a blog that shows you other people's s$#*? nothing..that's what! the lovely erin gates shared this post today..and featuring JA and sr. is not to be missed.
i always said that bravo missed the boat on jonnie..the show should have been this favorite couple just shmmoozin' and whatnot!
and i love that the coveteur has their pithy little this one from simon.." I am anal retentive… AND we have a housekeeper. Paging Joan Crawford! - Simon Doonan"
of course their house is too good. prince and michael jackson heads? ok!
and jonathan with about a million lacoste polos. he personifies 8th grade!
the other thing i love/am angry about is how neat the place is..they credit the that's the trick. who knew?

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