Tuesday, July 5, 2011

o camp!

when i was a kid in nyc. i went off to camp every summer. in the beginning it was yucky old day camp that no one would have liked if they had a brain cell.
but when i was 10 and a half i went off to vermont for the adventure of a lifetime..sleepawaycamp!
and now..lo these many years later..my daughter is experiencing the same thing..at the same exact camp that i went to.
to say the least it's a wild experience having your child walk the road that you walked.
but it turns out..i am not the only adult that has crossed this threshold..i am one from the hordes.
many of us feel that camp was THE defining experience of our childhoods.
and i believe that if it weren't for my incredible experience at camp..i would not be the beautiful human i am today!
we got our first letter from our girl today..and she says..camp is great! does it get any better?

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