Thursday, July 21, 2011

obsessed with {hallway paint colors}

i cannot stop thinking about it.. in fact i spent most of sunday worrying over/studying it! currently our hallway is a dark marine/romper room blue. too heinous to photograph. a few years back we got lost in a sea of hermes oranges that looked sickly in the space, so in a fit of haste, my sweet law "fixed" our problem by going out alone to pick a color i ultimately cannot bear.
that being said, i really still cannot choose.
our hallway is very narrow with high ceilings and no light..the obvious thing would be to paint it white..and shut the front door about the whole thing already.
but i am toying with this very aqua shade called palladian blue(second from the top), or elephant's breath a beautiful (it seems) shade of taupe lavender.(top pic)by farrow and ball.
the other distraction is all the different greys that i the cliffside grey (4th from top)
or this is pretty. mary macdonalds this aqua..don't know the me!

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