Friday, July 15, 2011

navajo woah!

i love a trend just as much as the next gal. in fact i was right there in high school thinking that the LLBean boot/shoe wasn't such a bad idea after all..or maybe the overscaled giant straw sun hat with ribbon band trailing down my back actually worked! (8th grade) so when i put my ear to the ground and heard it whisper back "navajo" i got a bit worried. i mean you can't argue with this really pretty rug/textile elegantly simple, but the chairs with the kilim vibe brings the late 90's rushing back in, and i am not so sure..
and then they start with this garbage here, and i'm thinking woah there poppy! not so much fer this squaw.
cuz right away i go here..and here to me is not a good hear me?

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