Tuesday, July 26, 2011

narrow entryway problem

so i am now quite obsessed with all the redecorating needs my house is crying out for. don't you know that feeling when your going along feeling like.."yeah my house has a few chinks in the china, but i'm not complaining.."
and then whammo you just can't stand it anymore..
andd the more you think about it the more stuff you see that needs fixing?
well currently i am posessed by the need for an entryway statement..but our front door opens up onto a wall..so the space is reeeaaaaalllly thin. i would love to do one of these concepts shown in the pix..but we only really have 6" to play with here..not really enough for a big table...but this huge mirror with the spot to rest looks nice..
it all looks so effortless when it's done well..right?


  1. Both of the green chest and the green cabinet look fabulous! What a great pop of color-- it's inspiring me to redecorate as well!

  2. I love these!! So simple yet stunning-- comfy but chic :) My favorite combos :)

  3. where is the white cabinet from?