Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my affair with my boyfriend {jeans}

sometimes everything changes, and other times nothing does. as a kid, i believed there was nothing more important than owning and wearing levis. though my mother didn't really get it. she regularly came home with "jeans" of multilayered panels of contrasting denim without realizing these were any different than the levis i longed for, and insisting these were JEANS dammit!
recently, i was treated to the NEW levis at the boutique near my home. upon darkening their doorway, a sales rep approached me with tapemeasure in hand, and within moments was handing over only 2 pairs of bluejeans.
well. allow me to just say that since then i almost never remove these 2 pairs from my body, and they have become my daily uniform..particularly the narrow cropped selvage boyfriend jean. j'dore! thank you levis. you really do not disappoint.

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