Tuesday, December 6, 2011

tis better to give..fo sho!

receiving is not one of my better guises. my family in fact has made a fine art of being particularly abhorent when receiving gifts. one family member ( i have an enormous family, and i am not going to name names) is notorious for saying "do you want this?" right back to the person who gave him/her the present..so let's just say it is bred in the bone. i am a terrible person to give anything to. i kind of hate everything. so picky! and trust me..gift giving is no easier..finding the right gift is way too hard. i agonize when choosing gifts for family and friends. having just celebrated a birthday i am particularly aware that it is gift giving season, and i am sending you loads of good luck, good wishes, and good vibes, in the hopes that you will give and receive all that your little heart desires.

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