Tuesday, December 13, 2011

mon mono mania

i have been doing a bang up business lately in monogrammed items..who knew that would be "the next big thing"..so retro in a way..but these things have a way of circling back in a fresh way..so what am i ..arguing? certainment non! so let us review..goyard i believe was the original of this quasi nautical/clubby look with the striping.
then LV and Monsieur marc knew a good thing and jumped on the band wagon..
not to be out done by uber brands here comes Iomoi with a great version..
and erin {gates} was totin' around this lil' tote from Oughton which i think is super..and i think it is a great look (minus the monogram)at a great price well under $200.
last but not least lil ol' me with a version on our classic mug in a great color combo. i think it's a keeper!


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