Thursday, December 1, 2011


the other day a client wrote to me asking for a bit of decorating advice. she had bought our red tubers rug for her dining room and it was standing out a bit too boldly in the space, and she wanted to know what to do to make it "blend". what i learned was quite interesting.
as this is not my speciality, i was a bit taken aback..but i went to my handy dandy intra web, and here is what i learned from the experts. your conclusions may differ.
my thinking is that with a bold rug in a bold color you will want to use more of the color throughout the room. so try to incorporate more of the color in your pillow/drapery/ seat cushion accents, or perhaps in your furniture accessories..such as with some books..or pottery that also makes a red statement. i like the more is more school of decorating.
the other thing that i think works well is the use of other bold prints that will complement the one in the rug.
finally, i think that in styling the room you will want to choose artwork that also is eye catching so that it is not just the rug any longer that is grabbing your eye. the eye should be moving around the space with many focal points.

you, of course, might draw completely different conclusions after taking a peek at these pix. c'est la guerre.

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