Monday, December 5, 2011

o yoga

i am the least yoga-ish person you would ever want to meet. the image above is pretty much the antithesis of jill-esque behavior. i was always more of an aerobics type of jangly energy matched back better to that style of excercise. nevertheless, i do yoga 5 days a week. i wake up at 5:30 am just so i can fit it in. i know..what a showoff..but to be honest i only do it for @ 20 minutes, and i do it in front of the tv. (o tackiness)..but i figure..that's good enough. this weekend i went to a real class at a real studio (back bay yoga) with one of my favorite friends (hello judy!) who was here from out of town and insisted that we just do it. o yoga. how i do struggle with ye. not only are you hard to do, but one of your most basic lessons ( to stay cool and non reactive when life comes at you at 100 mph) remains well out of my reach. oh well.

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