Monday, January 2, 2012

{Beginners} a film by Mike Mills

last week we saw a movie by graphic designer mike mills that is about a designer (ewan mcgregor!) whose father (christopher plummer)dies soon after comming out to his son..but not before he has had quite a good time exploring gay culture and life.
the film is lingering on my mind, and so i thought i would mention it here. one of my fave things were "Oliver's" sketches, and the perceptive comments of his jack russell terrier depicted on the screen as hilarious subtitles.
i would give this movie my wholehearted rec, but i need to mention it includes one of my pet peeves, which is that oliver's love interest is a mysterious and beautiful french girl (Melanie Laurent),whose dialog is mostly drowned out by soundtrack (ooo deep), and whose hair is perpetually ratty and unbrushed(sexy)..don't they have hairbrushes in france?
oh just see for yourself!

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  1. Hi, it lingering my mind too after watched the movie!! Love the sketch make by the film director.