Wednesday, January 4, 2012

kickstarter jazz album project [monica behan]

my darling friend chris let me know this am that his sister monica behan was finally working on another album!
i had loved her behan johnson CD that she made a bunch of years ago, and played it endlessly here at the studio. the kicker! is that she is doing the new album as a kickstarter project, and needs to raise $20K in order to record at avatar studios in NYC with her partner jazz musician loston harris. seeing as she has already raised over 11 grand, has written the songs and has a grammy award winning producer (check out the vid) i couldn't resist helping out..i mean what a cool way to get a project off the ground..see what you think! i think she has the most fabby voice.


  1. FYI..she made it! monica's kickstarter earned over the 20K mark so she will be making the album of her dreams! congratulations baby!!

  2. and did she deliver the album? I don't think so.