Thursday, January 5, 2012

loving {glassybaby}

upon entering judith's house last week in seattle, she had set her table with a yummy assortment of cheeses and h'ors d'oevres bites, as well as a "bouquet" of the most fabby tealights made locally by glassybaby..seattle's chic purveyor of just this. handmade tealights in endless color combos. how ridiculously simple and therefore genius.
today i could not resist checking out their wonderful website..
which is equally simple and genius!

they only sell this one item..le tea light..but that is what makes it so brilliant.
the buyer gets to fall in love with the pure colors, and create their own very personal assortments that can be made with all of their fab color offerings. the website offers a very fun tool that echos a store experience of creating your own assortment of 6 favorites by grabbing each one individually and putting it into a line up..check it out!

glassybaby - made by hand from glassybaby on Vimeo.

seeing as this is one of my favorite pastimes at my own studio..just putting new combinations together of all of our great colors..i can see where the marketing savvy & magic come in at glassybaby. pare it down and serve up some super simplicity like beautiful glowing color add fire..and let the crowd go wild.

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