Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the globes part deux {meh}

not to be completely awful, but i keep thinking isn't there one pretty dress in this whole world that these girls (who can have ANY dress they desire) could put on? ok..so here goes. my fave of the evening was kate beckinsale who looked flawless (in my eyes)..and to prove it seth rogen said he was sporting wood just standing next to her..but then again..
in addition sofia vergara rocked that bod of hers in this azure miracle of folds..loved this look. and i guess that's it. the rest were..uhh. meh.
starting right here with her royal M-ness in an amazing dress that was waay too small for her. which is saying a lot because she is so small and wiry. (not to mention sooo weird with that accent and her oh so bizarre face lifts)
i love natalie..but i fear for her. she seems on the verge of becoming the next queen of hollywood (after angelina abdicates her throne) and it's gonna be downhill from there. the weird side bustle on this otherwise pretty dress is the first clue.
here is dianna from glee in a red dress that can't make up it's mind..am i an industrial design project or a prairie skirt?
michelle is so lovely and sweet..but whazzup with the navy velvet burnout leopard..huh? i didn't get it.
ok..then my new favrit stahr emma stone looking all grecian/star warsish/shee-ra..power eagle belt buckle. too concept-y. come on emma..can't you have some fun without being a droid?
oh..and charlize..come on lady. i mean who is more perfect than you? so whazzup with the mullet dress..woopsy.
and then there's clare..whose dress was so gorge in the back..but hon..who saw that? the front put you on the star wars bus with emma..at least the 2 of you will have fun..(poor angelina..think she has ANY friends but brad?)
oh well. that's it. i am sure i missed the best best dress..but for the most part i was sort of bummed about the clothes..even though i didn't miss a minute. to be honest i am looking forward to oscars real soon!


  1. i totally agree with you, esp. madonna...do these people think they look fab!? GET THE NEXT SIZE!

  2. Spot on!!! What were they thinking?